About Us



The HELLENIC CULTURAL CENTER NYC on 25-02 Newtown Ave, Queens, NY 11102, was established in 1985 in its current location, in Astoria New York , through the efforts, dedication and commitment of members of the Hellenic (Greek) American Community and the spiritual guidance and leadership of Archbishop Iakovos.

The two-level structure consists of the 172 seat “THESPIS THEATER”, the 60 seat FAMA BLACK BOX THEATER (under construction) , a lobby area , the 1,400 square-foot AEGEAN HALL (lobby/exhibit area), the Nikos Andriotis Reading Rehearsing room, classrooms, and a small library. 
The mission of the HELLENIC CULTURAL CENTER NYC is to promote Hellenic (Greek) culture, language and civilization, while supporting the arts (Hellenic and not only)  in Astoria and New York. 
The Center pursues its mission by producing, sponsoring, and hosting a variety of programs and events, often in collaboration with other educational and cultural organizations, including a number within the Greek American and Philhellenic communities.

The HELLENIC CULTURAL CENTER NYC presence and role is crucial to the cultural life of Astoria Queens New York and the Hellenic-American community at the Tri-State Area. It is one of the three institution in the area with a mission to promote Hellenic culture and language and with the infrastructures to carry out that mission. As such, the Center fits seamlessly into New York’s cultural and intellectual environment.

The chapel, housed on the ground floor of the building, is the spiritual cornerstone of the HCC. Divine Liturgy is celebrated on most Wednesdays throughout the calendar year and its doors are open daily, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m to 4 p.m, for private prayer and worship.

It has been dedicated to St. Kosmas, who is not only a Saint in the Greek Orthodox Church, but also a true Hellene who carried a burning fire and dedication in his heart, for his country’s heritage and cultural identity.